WELCOME AUTHORS – it was an exciting journey and
the fun isn’t over yet.

You can claim your best seller logo and covers for your website and promotions.

When selling online, putting it on your website, listing it anywhere – Always send to the www.MissionCriticalMessengers.com page so you can continue to offer access to the free gifts as a special offer from you – and be a part of expanded promotion
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You can’t sell online. By this I mean Online sales are 100% Amazon only. All traffic and promotional links are sent to the master site for giveaways or direct to the Amazon link.

So you can’t create a private selling link to your own shopping cart, and ship yourself. Online sales are 100% Amazon only.

Offline you can sell all you want – and you get a 60% author discount.

Note that these sales will not be reflected on Amazon.com.

Enjoy the fruits of your labour.

1. Submit a testimonial about the results of your book launch, me and the QLA program – you can do it here or send a video which is even better. I tend to play those in presentations – giving some exposure to you too.


2. Grab your bestseller logo and any graphics you want to use.

Your Bestseller Logos

Custom Graphics for Promotion

In addition – When you need to have additional copies of your #1 International Bestselling book – Mission Critical Messengers – you can get it up to 60% off now.

Here is how you do that:

Step 1 – Go here >> https://www.createspace.com/5427764

Select the quantity you want to purchase, then add the code where it reads:

Then go to Check Out

Click – “Apply Discount”

Step 2 – Here is the co-author code to use for 60 percent off: 84QBH7EH

Any issues getting it at a discount, let us know.

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PPS – Here’s a fast link to promote the book – amzn.to/2uZcctL

Enjoy Your MASSIVE Success and Keep up the Great Work!